8 Attributes Managers Should Adopt For Effective Communication

Being associated with an organization for 30 years is an achievement and requires relevant skillsets and technical knowledge. Effective communication skills can help managers develop successful working relationships and ace cross-functional, interactions.

Several attributes lead to good and effective communication and can help managers understand and deliver the best. 


Good listening skills are very important for effective communication. Effective listening is important for establishing good communication. While listening always keep in mind a few things – maintain eye contact with the speaker, be attentive, keep your mind open, never interrupt and impose your solutions, ask questions only to ensure understanding and give the speaker regular feedback.

Awareness of others

It is important to address the person with their name while communicating. Once the other person asks a question, always give relevant answers as they wait for the same. Always consider that your words as good communicators will have an impact on other person’s emotions. 

Inspiration with encouragement

A purpose-centric approach motivates employees to look for work that inspires and engages.

Good leaders always encourage their teams by praising their performance. They make workers feel appreciated and valued. Create an environment that supports them in working to the best of their abilities and encourages them to keep learning and growing.


Effective communicators empathize – they try to understand the other person’s point of view. In a diverse workplace, it is important to consider the divergent needs of employees as much as possible. Empathy enables us to establish rapport with another person, make them feel that their ideas have been heard.


Effective communicators treat employees equally, avoid confusion and encourage transparency – open and honest messaging. They maintain confidentiality and respect boundaries.

Avoiding Conflict

Good managers anticipate problems and resolve issues before they come to a head. They understand all points of view and encourage discussion. They discourage office politics. Even if they feel angry, they wait until they are calm before taking action.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can win difficult scenarios. For maintaining a positive attitude, one should keep few things on track to create a routine for the day:

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Fill your mind with positive input
  • Control your language
  • Assume responsibility and choose an appropriate response
  • Decide on your reaction to known problems,
  • Breathe deeply,
  • Have personal goals
  • Be curious and embrace learning, stop complaining and embrace laughing.

Minimal Stress

Stress serves as an obstacle to communication. If necessary, good managers train themselves to stop taking stress.

To convey the communication message effectively, a good manager must always articulate the vision well and set achievable goals to foster required growth.

Mr. H N Padhi / Dy General Manager – CCR, Soda Ash Division
August 12, 2021 The Team
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