Mision, Vision & Core Values


Responsibly Maximising Stakeholder Value


Achieve Market Capitalization of 10000 Cr. by 2022 through Superior Serviceability, Business Excellence, Governance and Core Values.

To Grow our Business Responsibly, with Governance, Sustainability and Core Values as our Foundation


GHCL Values – We are a diverse organisation which believes that Respect, Trust, Ownership and Integrated Team Work lead to Business Success.

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Being thoughtful and demonstrating regard for people and environment is a part of GHCL’s culture. It focuses on the moral obligation to honour the dignity of the individual and environment thus, we prohibit violence, humiliation, manipulation and exploitation of any kind.

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It is the confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions of carrying out our duties diligently and sincerely. It provides a base for transparent communication which fosters building the foundation for a true relationship among people.

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Ownership implies that every individual is accountable for his/her decisions and actions taken and brings forth their best work, ideas and accepts personal accountability to lead the business.

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Integrated Team Work

GHCL fosters a culture of cooperation and collaboration to achieve the organisational goal by rising above personal differences and individual gains using their skills and providing constructive feedback for growth.


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