HR Philosophy

We are an equal opportunity employer, our philosophy of inclusivity and empowerment reiterates that our people are given a sea of opportunities to innovate, take risks, make decisions and tread untrodden paths which in turn enables them to learn, grow and thrive.

At GHCL our core values of Respect, Trust, Ownership, and Integrated Teamwork are the guiding principles for all our policies and decisions. These values reiterate our belief that people are at the core of our success and that they need to constantly evolve and get better at what they do.

‘DISHA’, ‘M-DISHA’, ‘INCARNATION’, ‘MILAP’, ‘Committee Way’, ‘Knowledge-sharing’ etc., to name a few, are various initiatives at GHCL that ensure our commitment towards creating an employee friendly organisation. Our aim is to provide the environment and the right skills to our employees which in turn enable them to perform and achieve to their highest while working together towards common organisational objectives.


Career at GHCL

On-Boarding at GHCL

Our process of welcoming a candidate begins from the day the candidate accepts the offer letter and continues till the next six months. The induction process is divided into 3 parts: Pre joining, joining and post joining- on-boarding.

The first communication goes from the Managing Director to the offered candidate with a personally signed welcome letter followed by a letter from the Head of HR elaborating GHCL’s value system and culture giving a broader view of GHCL’s identity. We also engage the candidate by sharing GHCL Digest, our monthly newsletter, and a regular interaction is established with the candidate for acclimatization to the new system.

An HR representative ensures that all arrangements are made for the new employees for their smooth onboarding & induction process to make it a productive day for the new joinee. A new employee is generally anxious on starting a new job. At GHCL, It is our endeavour to provide him/her with a comfortable environment by giving them a warm welcome on day one. In-order to make the first day at work smooth and eventful, all the activities are planned in advance and are executed as per the schedule as mentioned in the pre joining.

The new joiner is then introduced to a trained buddy who acts as a point of contact for a period of six months. A detailed discussion and presentation of company values, mission and vision, company profile and the functions & departments is done. The new joiner is then familiarized with the office, the employees, department heads, mentor and team. A formal communication is sent out about the joining. Issuance of “May I Help You Document” to candidates joining at plant locations.


We offer life changing careers

We value the talent that we source from best of the institutions. We provide them structured, on-the-job training to perform to the best of their abilities at GHCL.

We identify the best Engineer Trainees/Management Trainees (ETs/MTs) through a structured selection process and provide them an environment where they can learn, contribute and grow.

Our policy lays down the following broad principles to spot and identify trainees:

  • Dedication to learn and develop their own technical & soft competencies
  • Carry higher responsibilities than expected during the training period
  • Exceptional level of performance
  • Commitment to company’s core values

The ETs/MTs are assessed on their passion for learning and performing, as well as leadership and behavioural attributes. They are then put through a systematic and rigorous development process which includes an exhaustive assessment every quarter. Their overall performance based on these assessments is measured to assess their fitment into the culture of the organization.

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