HR Initiatives

HR Initiatives

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Mission and Vision Propagation

The employees are inspired to think beyond earning profits by focussing on larger aspects of sustainability like preserving natural resources, creating customer delight, serviceability, exemplary conduct based on Core Values & innovation etc.

At GHCL employees are trained and encouraged to think and act on these elements, beyond their day to day jobs. This is done by organising events and activities by committees as well as constant communication by the senior management via GHCL Digest, GHCL Connect, emails, MILAP, etc. to reinforce the focus on GHCL’s Vision & Mission.

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Is a platform provided to GHCL employees to create a culture of continuous creativity and innovation by motivating, encouraging and supporting them to nurture their raw creative ideas by presenting, developing and testing these ideas in the organization’s context and creating a framework to predict its validity and impact.

This is a way of promoting employees to think and work on different aspects of our Vision & Mission viz. product & process innovation along with nurturing entrepreneurship by building competencies that defines an entrepreneur – risk taking, decision making & taking initiative.

As a result of this initiative of GHCL TEA, many ideas like Balance Score Cards, Employee Self portal, energy saving initiatives etc. have been shared by employees which may not necessarily be impacting their jobs but have an impact on organizational growth and these ideas have been successfully implemented within the company.

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DISHA is the organisation’s apex planning body. The strategic approach, business decisions, planning of revenue and profit targets, core human resource policies, broad policies on branding, CSR, major financial / technical / project issues etc. are deliberated and decided by the senior management at the DISHA Forum, quarterly.

Additionally, for building leadership competencies & channelizing thought process for effective dissemination of business decisions & their implementation, the probable second line from different divisions/functions are also represented in M-DISHA, also known as making of DISHA.

For effective integration and open communication, DISHA and M-DISHA are organized together once in a year so that there is a collaboration and constructive discussions that happen on the strategic direction of the company.

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MILAP (Medium for Interactive, Lateral and Actionable Partnership)

To provide a platform for all employees to interact informally, share their thoughts and to come out with relevant suggestions which can add value to existing working environment and eventually help in building organizational excellence.

With MILAP, every individual gets an opportunity to share his views and suggestions collaboratively for organizational excellence. At this platform, irrespective of any hierarchical structure, every employee is equal and each voice counts. The employees are encouraged to brainstorm on various aspects like people development, cost consciousness, administrative issues, strategic issues, etc. Post the discussion, committees are formed that are given the task of achieving the action points of the discussion during MILAP.

This in turn helps to develop various managerial capabilities of employees such as people development, cost consciousness, organising skills and administrative abilities by engaging themselves in the various task committees formed as part of MILAP. Also each and every employee takes the onus of bringing about a change in the company and adding value to the organization.

We understand that not every employee is vocal about their views publically, so to reduce the fear, MILAP has been restructured in a way that to discuss specific issues, teams are formed on the spot who brainstorm and share the solutions. The HR also takes the initiative of talking to employees and sharing views on their behalf to facilitate an open discussion.
Hence, it becomes a win-win situation for both employees as well as for the organization.

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GHCL TEA (Think, Experiment & Adopt)

To create a culture of continuous creativity and innovation ‘by the employees – for the employees – of the employees’ to nurture their raw creative ideas by providing them a platform to present, develop and test their ideas in organization context and create a framework to predict its validity and subsequent impact in the company, GHCL has come up with this initiative named as GHCL TEA. The ideas are clubbed into three categories, namely, Strategy, Innovation and Research and accordingly employees can submit their ideas.

As part of GHCL TEA, every quarter, a day is celebrated as SIR Day – Day of Strategic Innovation & Research based ideas. This initiative allows continuous idea generation & testing of feasibility.

As part of GHCL TEA, employees share ideas in the form of a presentation to a panel and based on the panel’s decision the project proposed is sent for incubation till the end of that year. During the incubation phase, the idea is tested and researched and further refined, in collaboration with internal and external subject matter experts. These ideas are then finally presented to a panel consisting of business and subject matter experts from within the organization during an annual event called INCARNATION.

The panel chooses the best ideas based on their feasibility under each of the three categories and the employees who generated these ideas are rewarded and the ideas are eventually implemented in the company which benefits the organization and builds competency.

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VIKAS – Vying for individual knowledge, attitude and skill initiative

The objective is to build a culture of Learning & Development in the company wherein employees are encouraged to plan their personal learning & developmental needs according to their respective individual career aspirations. The policy lays down a comprehensive system based on earning & redemption of earned points against a training program an employee may choose to attend which helps him/her in gaining knowledge & skill.

The company offers its employees various opportunities which helps in their overall grooming and development. This way the employees have the onus and freedom of choosing the training program of their choice to develop their skills and knowledge which in turn increases their engagement with the organization as well.

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Committee Culture

The objective is to give ample opportunities to employees to acquire competencies and skills and take ownership by participating in real time projects and activities. This platform encourages employees to work together and take decisions which help in improving the existing scenario / environment collectively and collaboratively. Some of the committees functional at different locations are Cost reduction committee, Brand building committee, Core Values Committee, Administration committee, etc.

The Management at GHCL has a renewed focus on Sustainability which was shared during MILAP. A discussion was initiated with employees as to how each employee can contribute to it. Post this discussion on sustainability, employees have shared their individual inputs on making GHCL a sustainable organization. These inputs were collaborated and five main themes were identified. Thereafter, teams have been formed by employees who will be working on making GHCL sustainable till perpetuity, as an extension to the senior Management’s efforts in this field. These include Digitisation, Mission & Vision Propagation, Personality Development, Serviceability & Communication.

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Employee Engagement Survey

The objective of the survey is to evaluate employee commitment periodically by gaining their insights about their experience on various engagement factors and thereon taking timely corrective measures to build employee engagement further within the company.

This diagnostic has helped us review suggestions & feedback given by our employees to come out with initiatives for improving work culture and building appropriate practices. The success of the survey lies in the overall improvement in engagement scores by 7.9 % in last 4 years.

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Core Value Adherence Survey

To periodically assess our employees for their Core Value Adherence as perceived by their Immediate Manager, Functional – Cross Functional Peers & Juniors. Through this diagnostic, employees get a fair opportunity to share their perception about their colleagues on the GHCL values.

Based on this 360 degree feedback, the best scorers are identified as Core value champions. Similarly, corrective action like counselling, etc. are taken for employees who are rated poorly on the values.This year onwards, we have taken one step forward by sharing with employees their strengths and areas for improvement as seen from the survey results which will give them a holistic view others’ perception of themselves.</p

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Training & Development

Our training module comprises of 8 modules defined as below:

Behavioural – To align individuals to broader organisational goals, we have identified two themes for our behavioural training & development model, namely collaboration and serviceability. These themes have been picked up from our mission & vision and have been identified as critical for the success of GHCL. The training program content has been designed as per the grade requirements with the theme remaining same. It is also made sure that each employee attends at least one training out of two he/she is nominated for.

Technical – Employees are nominated for technical seminars, symposiums and workshops for upgrading his/her technical acumen. Apart from this, short term training courses are identified for selected potential employees like project management trainings which is spread over 6 months duration.

Core Value Based workshops – These workshops are conducted with an objective to inculcate common understanding of our core values. Do’s & Don’ts of supportive & disruptive behaviour are made aware in these sessions to get everyone on same page of core value based culture fitment. These workshop aid learning & development tools for building man management & behavioural competencies that help in making of a dynamic leader.

Leadership Development Programs – For level 8 & above, company organizes business & leadership development programs as these set of people are seen as the leadership pipeline. Programs like Global Advanced Management Program, Leadership Simulation, DAIC Leader are few programs are conducted.
Business oriented programs – with endeavour of developing our people into business managers by way of imparting business specific learning we also organizes following 2 training program with an objective to build efficiency in our process and to link everyone on a common thread.

HR for Non-HR – This program is for non HR managers & HODs who are process owners for HR Systems & Processes like Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management System, Compensation & Benefits, and Training & Development. During this program, business managers are coached on interviewing skills, giving feedback process, mentoring & coaching, salary fixation etc.

Finance for Non Finance – The aim of this program is to provide non finance functional managers with awareness and basic understanding of the way finance affects their business objectives. During the workshop our managers learn to read the accounts, understand the terminology, be able to influence and control the key financial measurements, targets – all from an operational management perspective. The program enables them to gain confidence in developing financial negotiations, participate in meetings where the finances are being discussed. It also helps managers play a more active role in personal finances and the financial aspects of the organisation.

Nomination for Open Programs – Our employees have been a part of many international as well as national level programs and conferences so as to give them a view of the best practices in their area of expertise as well as well as to keep them abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

Gender Equality
Gender Parity Index 2017-18

GHCL is certified as a “Preferred Workplace for Women” through a survey conducted by FICCI Ladies Organisation for the “Gender Parity Index for the Formal Sector in India (GPI).

Our “Participatory Management Style” further encourages our people to learn more about the organisation and to get actively involved in the decision making process. This gives them a new sense of ownership.

At GHCL, we also train our people for downstream activities along with the upstream tasks. Our HR team facilitates a culture wherein, every employee is imparted with the knowledge of business and cross-functions so they understand the needs of the customers better and come up with the best solutions.

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