In alignment of Sustainable Development Goals (No 3: Good Health and Wellbeing), we extend primary health care services in the communities of our operation. The scope of our healthcare program covers aspects related to preventive healthcare and ensuring overall wellbeing of communities around our plant areas We run Mobile Health Care, Health Camps, and Specialized Cancer Check Up Camps (For females) in nearby villages. Necessary support and help is also extended for advanced diagnosis and treatment wherever identified.

2,08,223 villagers benefitted

Focus Areas

  • Mobile Medical Service
  • Women Wellness program
  • Eye Care Service

Medical services are not available in far-flung locations and rural populations are expected to travel long distances to obtain such facilities. The households also rely on services of the private health practitioners and that often comes at an exorbitant cost. GHCL Foundation provides health care services in villages near its business interest. The services are free for those who reach out to these medical units. The focus of this service is to ensure that health does not become a contributor to household poverty.

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