Giving – The secret of Success

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

When I was much younger, quite early in my career there was a phase which was extremely difficult and full of financial uncertainty for me. Some of my friends, who are really close to me now, came forward and supported me selflessly. And I have been indebted to them ever since. They found a friend and follower for life. For me, I have noticed through the years, this act of helping me out has increased their prosperity. It was as if, the entire universe began conspiring to repay them. It was as though extending a helping hand, brought them greater happiness and a greater sense of purpose, than it did to me.

The incident helped me understand, that giving to people, to society instils a sense of higher purpose, makes us more generous and increases our happiness quotient because we feel better about doing something for others who need it more than us. It creates strong emotional bonds, forges friendships for life. Irrespective of how it is done, giving is beneficial not just for the recipient but also for the giver, because it enables us to rise above our own wants and the mad desire to fulfil our ambitions, our greed, to become better and more responsible individuals.

“Giving” can begin with the smallest of gestures. Sharing knowledge for free, helping a community with your time, participating in spreading awareness about health and sanitation issues, sponsoring the education or the future of a child etc. Taking time out for philanthropy may sound difficult initially but it brings with it, a sense of fulfilment rarely found elsewhere.

As an organisational also, it is very more important to work for others because we are a part of the society and we use its resources, which makes it our responsibility to give back in as many ways as possible. Moreover, happiness begets happiness, it is the law of nature. If everybody around us is happy, we will also be happy.

It is the basic crux of community living, where a system is created and people who have the resources, the money, create a pool to help the needy who in turn help the ones who are less privileged than them. Besides feeling good about doing something for others, giving back is also good for our physical health. It is de-stressing because it takes our mind off our own problems and lets us concentrate on helping others. Research suggests that making generosity a regular habit may influence long-term wellbeing and happiness of people as it gives our lives a sense of purpose.

Giving back to society creates a multiplier effect for everyone. It’s not always about the resources, slowing down in your life to share a positive story, helping someone with a tough task, mentoring a younger colleague are some everyday life situations which are full of giving. Be the reason for someone’s happiness.

The wisdom of the Vedas states, “Satha hastha samahara sahasra hastha samkira” – earn as if you have hundred hands but donate as if you have thousand hands.

Mr. R.S Jalan
March 12, 2019 Blog
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