Sustainable Initiatives at Yarn Division

Encouraging Sustainability at Yarn Division

Commitment towards Sustainable Business Practices

At GHCL, we are committed to adopting sustainable business practices and reducing our carbon footprint. We are implementing various initiatives towards reducing the consumption of natural resources.

More than 75% of the total energy consumption of the Yarn business is being fulfilled through renewable energy sources. GHCL has installed

  • 20 MW rooftop solar power plant in Paravai and Manaparai,
  • 20 MW on ground solar power plant in Thataiyankarpettai in Trichy district
  • 20 MW on ground solar power plant is being installed at Ottapidaram in Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu.

Sustainable Initiatives at Yarn Division

  • 100 trees planted every month under green belt initiatives.
  • Reduced carbon emission by renewable wind energy.
  • New technology sewage treatment plant.
  • Quality healthcare provided for community via Mobile Medical unit in association with Apollo Hospitals.
  • Supporting 6 academic institutions in association with local government.
  • 4.6 crore Liters of rainwater harvested.
  • Moving towards Zero Harm with respect to employees and Communities.
  • 75% of plant’s yearly energy consumption is catered through captive renewable energy.
  • 25.4 MW green power generated from captive windmills situated in Tamil Nadu.
  • 20 MW of rooftop solar power plant installed in Paravai and Manaparai.
  • More than 44 lakh units saved in last 3 years due to various energy conservation initiatives.
  • 20 MW generated from the on-ground solar power plant in Thataiyankarpetti in Trichy district, Tamil Nadu
  • Another 20 MW on ground solar
  • Efficiently working towards Quality circles for floor level employee empowerment.
  • Integrated Management System (QMS, EMS and OSHAS) Certified from 2003 onwards.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality and Volume of yarn.

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