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i-FLO Salt – One of the Leading Salt Brands in India.

GHCL is a known name in the FMCG sector – it owns the popular i-FLO brand. i-FLO Salt is a product of GHCL which is known for its quality. It comes in 5 variants namely i-FLO Premium Iodized Salt, i-FLO Mild Salt, i-FLO Triple Refined Iodized Salt, i-FLO Iodized Crystal Salt and i-FLO Iodized Refined Salt. i-FLO range of salts is pure, white and free-flowing and they vary from basic refined iodized salt and crystal salt to special variants like i-FLO mild salt with mild sodium content and herbal salt.

i-FLO Premium Iodized salt is a herbal salt which is also called the fitness salt, it was developed by GHCL’s Dalmiya research center in Coimbatore. It contains herbal extracts including cardamom, ginger, Malabar nut, kutaja, turmeric and other herbal extracts.

i-FLO salt is distributed to wholesalers, suppliers, distributors and retailers across the country, majorly in South and Western parts of India where the brand has a strong presence and it is also available on e-tailers like Amazon and Big Basket.

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