KHUSHI-Her smile has infected all

KHUSHI-Her smile has infected all

Khushi is 9 years old and lives in a joint family in a small hamlet in Kathivadar Para near GHCL Salt Division, Port Victor, Gujarat. Her father is a driver and mother works as a labourer in salt yards. Her grandparents also live with them and Khushi helps her old grandmother with cooking and domestic chores. One day, while cooking she slipped near the fireplace and severely burnt her leg.

Her parents were out for work and her grandparents applied some herbs etc. available in the kitchen. Khushi was in a lot of pain. In the evening when her parents came home, they realised they would not be able to afford the specialist medical treatment required. They decided to wait for the visit of GHCL MMU (Mobile Medicare Unit), which was due in the next two days.

Khushi had high fever during the night and was unable to put her feet on the floor for the next two days. During the MMU visit, the doctor noticed that the infection was spreading. He cleaned the burnt and infected leg, applied dressing and gave her painkillers. The grandparents were counselled regarding proper care at home.

During the next weekly schedule of the MMU, the medical team visited her home and were happy to see 70% recovery. Khushi was smiling now, her infection was under control. Her beautiful and infectious smile lit up the faces of the medical team too.

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