Our Lignite Mine is situated at Khadsaliya village which is 32 kms away from Bhavnagar city. The nearest railway station is at Bhavnagar. The Row-Row Ferry service connecting Ghogha-Dahej is 21 kms from Khadsaliya. The distance from Khadsaliya to Sutrapada Plant is 265 Kms.

What is Lignite?

Lignite is a fuel mineral which is the primary requirement to operate boiler at our Soda Ash captive power plant situated at Sutrapada.

GHCL Limited is the first private sector company in Gujarat with its own lignite opencast mining block with 171 hectare lease area at Khadsaliya village, Bhavnagar district. The lease was granted on 12 October 2002. Khadsaliya Lignite Mine is an opencast conventional mine in which the method used is dumper and shovel combination. Lignite was first excavated and dispatched in the year 2004.

Mining work was commenced after getting approval from the Mining Plan, Environment Management Plan (EMP) and other necessary clearance/ approval of State Govt. / Central Govt.

The approved mine plan is for operating lignite mines in two pits, namely South pit and North pit, because of the geo-mining condition and economical consideration. Our Lignite mine is operative under the aegis of The Director General of Mines Safety, Ahmedabad Region, Govt. of India and regularly monitored by The Gujarat Pollution Control Board, The Ministry of Environment and Forest and other Government regulatory bodies. We are registered with MEAI (Mining Engineers Association of India).


chemical test icon

Initial survey before removal of Overburden and Lignite by Total Station by own surveyor and periodically as per need verified by third party also

chemical reactions in beaker

Removal of Overburden & Lignite by Shovel Dumper Combination

overburden waste stacking of top soil

Dumping of Overburden Waste/Separate stacking of Top Soil


Final survey of cutting area and stock yard for Volume calculation and Reconciliation of Lignite and Overburden

Icon - Mined Out Lignite in Stock yard

Stacking of Mined Out Lignite in Stock yard

Icon - Storage of Lignite in Stock yard

Storage of Lignite in Stock yard for sun drying and manual picking of impurity from mined Lignite and also cleaning of lignite is done through our pyrite separation plant (RAMDARS) also

Transportation icon

Transportation of Lignite to GHCL Sutrapada by online dispatch system SAP through our own weighbridge for Captive power generation

Pyrite Separation Plant

We have installed India’s first Dry Lignite Beneficiation Pyrite Separation Plant based on technology of RAMDARS system to automatically separate pyrite from lignite before clean lignite is dispatched to the stockyard.

Geological Reserves

Geological reserve of Khadsaliya Lignite Mine is 7.8 million tonne and extractable reserve is 6.82 million tonne as per approved mine plan from Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India and up to completion of financial year 2017-18, we are expected to extract 2.66 Million tonne of lignite and balance reserve is 4.16 Million tonne. The balance life of the mine is 11 years approx.

CSR and Welfare activities

As a responsible corporate, GHCL carries out all CSR and welfare activities in nearby villages of Khadsaliya and Hathab to promote good will gesture.

Construction of two temples in Khadsaliya village, namely; Shri Ramji Mandir and Shri Dhawadi Mata Mandir.

Providing support for construction of Shri Ramji Mandir in Hathab village.

Conducting weekly clinics with free medicine for patients of two villages namely Hathab and Khadsaliya.

Conducting fortnightly animal husbandry camps with free medicine for cattle of two villages namely Hathab and Khadsaliya

Providing scholarship to female students pursuing college education

Providing school kits to nursery kids during celebration of Shala Pravesh Utsav (enrollment in school). Providing toys in “Anganwadi” and nursery.

Occasionally, facilitating with sewing machines to empower poor widows to earn their livelihood.

Providing regularly fresh drinking water arrangements in Hathab and Khadsaliya villages.

Providing seeds and organic manure namely “Angna Gold” for farmers.

Provided crematory stand to crematory ground. Water storage tank.

Construction of Snan Ghat (common bath rooms) for villagers.

Providing support for construction of “Toilet Blocks”.

Providing snacks during polio camps.

Providing snacks to primary school children on 15 th August, Independence Day and 26 th January, Republic Day, respectively.

Ambulance facility available round the clock for Hathab and Khadsaliya villagers.

Reclamation Program

A green belt is developed in the de-coaled area by regularly planting saplings when celebrating various eco-friendly Annual Days observed during the year to spread awareness as per the instructions received from Sutrapada Soda Ash plant.


To evoke blessing for universal harmony, peace and prosperity; every year Shri Ganapati Utsav is celebrated on Ganesh Chaturthi. All employees, their families, contractual employees, villagers, village Gram Panchayat body members and representatives participate enthusiastically. “Chopda Poojan” is done on Diwali festival to seek blessings of Shri Mahalakshmi Devi.

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