Care for Community During COVID-19

The outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic disrupted not only the businesses but had a great impact the lives, livelihood, and communities. We identified that there was immediate need to come together and work towards minimising the impact of the pandemic on public health and limit disruptions people were facing within the communities.

GHCL contributed immensely to help the marginalised section of the society. GHCL Foundation Trust came ahead to help people residing in the village areas near our plants to distribute essential items and kits in collaboration with the local administration. The team efficiently leveraged the connections with the local administration and government organisations and other resources to extend all possible support to the community.

Direct support to community

  • Increasing the testing via mobile medical van in the interior villages near our operation areas
  • Distribution of Ration Kits to migrant family & elderly residing alone
  • Distribution of organic fertilizers , seeds, plants & agro inputs to farmers
  • Awareness on health, hygiene, social distancing, mask and care during pandemic
  • Interaction program for Anganwadi workers / parents through webinar for various online training and education programs
  • Distribution of education kits via field volunteer on their doorsteps
  • Distributed sanitizers, mask etc.
  • Special health check-up for elderly people
  • Conducting basic check-up via mobile medical vans
  • Distribution of decoction kits
  • Special ambulance support in Bhavnagar district for carrying the patients to the nearest hospitals.

Collaborated Support to community

  • Donated Rs 50 lakhs to Chief Minister, Gujarat in April, 2020
  • Accommodation facility for frontline health workers of Covid Hospital
  • Donation of Medical and Surgical items along with 200 plus Oximeter to District Health Department
  • Purchased 9000 Rapid Antigen Test kits  to fulfil the testing requirement in the rural areas
  • Setting up Oxygen line at the Health Centre, Sutrapada for 25 Beds and 50 Oxygen regulators
  • Donated fully automatic medical oxygen generation plant with a capacity of 15 Nm3/hr (Normal Meter Cubed per Hour) which can provide Oxygen to almost 40 COVID patients at a time. A DG set was also donated to the Community Health Center at Dosala, in the Gir-Somnath district in Gujarat to ensure uninterrupted oxygen supply
  • Donation of oxygen generation plant at Community Health Center at Rajula, in the Amreli district in Gujarat.

Support for Migrants

There are number of people from salt yards residing near the coastline of Rajula and Jafrabad blocks of Gujarat who move out for earning livelihood along with their family.

The outbreak of pandemic forced them to stay back and they were feeling very helpless. At this crucial time, the Foundation Trust ensured continuous supply of food kits to them to fulfil basic requirement.

Further, to ensure that these people remain productive, the Foundation Trust decided to help people who owned small pieces of land but remained unused. The volunteers from the Trust conducted surveys of these lands discussed the opportunities with them in presence of the village Sarpanch, Mantri and other leaders. The foundation Trust convinced these people and distributed organic manure, Bajra seeds and vegetable seeds to nearly 125 families across 8 villages.

Nurturing Kids

The outbreak of pandemic forced children to be confined within the four walls of their houses. Keeping children engaged with the activities seemed very difficult as children from the interior villages did not have access to various interactive learning sessions.

The members of GHCL Foundation Trust along with Swadeep-NGO partner and Project Vidyajot outlined effective plan to reach the students with various activities while they were at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we trained teachers and parents to connect and communicate with us via Webinars using their smart phones.


  • Listed the contacts details of parents / students for direct approach
  • Interaction program for Anganwadi workers / parents
  • Organising webinar for Balwadi workers and educate them about various online training and education programs
  • Shared assignment/activity details with the students via WhatsApp group
  • Students were given option to submit their assignment online / WhatsApp group
  • Distribution of education kits via field volunteer on their doorsteps

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