Today, we have a webinar

“Today, we have a webinar”

Today, we have a webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone across the country to remain indoors. Confined to the four walls along with their family, the only source of information for them was the television. The news they were exposed to was only about the increasing number of cases and deaths.

Everyone was stressed and the ones most affected were the children. For children, online sessions were the only solution. For people who were technically sound and had an access to resources like internet connection, conducting online classes and sessions was quite easy. But, for people residing in the interior villages with no resources, it was a difficult task.The parents of these children were mostly very less educated or uneducated.

GHCL Foundation Trust has always supported education for children. In collaboration with Swadeep NGO, the Foundation Trust supported more than 2000 children along with 60 Anganwadi workers within 20 villages in Dist. Gir-Somnath, Gujarat.

The Foundation trust identified the need for online education for children. They approached the parents in the villages and worked hard to convince them that conducting online sessions was very important for the learning activities for kids.

The members from the trust formed aWhatsApp group, outlined a plan and informed parents on how to connect. They gave individual training to the parents and Anganwadi workers on how to use Google Meet. Gradually the parents started understanding the process and children started enjoying the sessions. They learntpuppet making and various activities to develop their motor skills via webinar session.These sessions are playing a vital role in keeping the children engaged.

Today whenever such sessions are planned, the children and their parents proudly say “We have a webinar today”

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