The reason for Manisha’s interest in studies

The reason for Manisha’s interest in studies

My name is Manisha, I am studying in class-8th in Primary School, Vadhera, Jafrabad, Gujarat. Earlier I could not read or write. Calculations involving addition or division or multiplication were unimaginable. I could not cope with the syllabus of my class. Going to school and learning became so boring for me. I would pass my time talking to other students and teachers would scold me.

There were many instances when the teachers took me to the principal’s office. They called my parents and had complaints about me. It was a very difficult situation for me. The school became the worst place for me but I had to attend it.

During this time Kaliben Vaghela, a teacher from GHCL Foundation joined our school. She called us “Priya Students”, who did not know reading, writing and maths. Kaliben teacher gave us special attention, especially to students like me and taught us with different types of learning games. I loved participating in all the games and activities. It made my learning very joyful. Slowly I understood a lot and my class teacher started to consider me a mainstream student.

In addition, teacher Kali started teaching our syllabus with activities of Mojilu Sikshan and all these activities became very interesting.

Today I am studying the same syllabus as all the students in my class. My class teacher and principal who used to scold me, appreciate my learning ability now.

I like my teacher Kali because she was the only person who understood my difficulties and made me interested in learning.

I love you Kali teacher.

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