Kannan- Life beyond Pain

Kannan- Life beyond Pain

Mr. Kannan, a tailor by profession lives in Thenur village close to our Madurai unit of yarn division in Tamilnadu. There are three people in the family including a son studying in college. Kannan is the sole breadwinner and works very hard at the age of 50 to sustain his family.

Since his profession demands sitting in the same position for a long period of time, he developed severe pain in his spinal cord. At times the pain was so intense that he was unable to use the tailoring machine for stitching.

At first he visited the Primary Healthcare Centre at Samayanallur and sought treatment. But he had to discontinue it because he was spending a lot of money on transportation and it was time consuming as well.

He became anxious over a period of time and was desperately looking for medical help which came in the form of the GHCL Mobile Health Care Unit that started visiting his village. The Village President introduced him to our team and from then on, he started visiting the MMU regularly to avail the treatment. Apart from medication, he was also taught to perform simple and easy physical exercises to de-stress his muscles and joints which he could do easily at home.

Today, Kannan has a lot of relief from his pain and is able to concentrate on his work. He is extremely delighted to receive quality treatment at his door steps and without any cost. He is thankful to GHCL Foundation and the MMU team for the timely intervention.

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