How SHG helps Manishaben?

Manishaben lives in Valvada village near GHCL Home Textile plant, Bhilad. She belongs to a tribal family. She had joined women SHG (Self Help Group) initiated by GHCL Foundation and started small savings. She always attends meetings, training and exposure tours with enthusiasm.

Her husband was working in a private factory and earning very little. The family was unable to sustain and educate three children. Then, her husband met with an accident and suffered multiple injuries. Increased medical expenditure and discontinued income was worsened by the  Covid-19 pandemic.

It was a difficult time for Manishaben. She had to provide for her husband’s treatment and care for the children too. She shared her situation with the SHG members, seeking some solution. After some brainstorming, the SHG advised her that she has house with good road connectivity and a big open area in the front. So she could start a business. Manishben was in a dilemma as to what type of small enterprise she could start and how to procure the funds, resources? She was advised to borrow the savings she had with SHG and a low rate of interest.

With the mental and financial support from SHG, Manishaben  started a small business of extracting and selling sugar cane juice along with a snack shop. Nowadays, she earns and support her family and is educating the children. Her husband has also recovered. Manishaben and SHG members acknowledged happily that they would not have been able do anything if GHCL Foundation has not initiated the women empowerment activities through SHGs.

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