Dhirubhai says “I do not want to be a cause of cancer”

Dhirubhai says “I do not want to be a cause of cancer”


Dhirubhai lives in village Rabarika, in the district Amreli, Gujarat. He is engaged in agriculture since last 21 years. He was using chemical fertilizer, pesticides because he wanted to have a higher yield of crops which would subsequently mean earning more money.

15 years back Dhirubhai was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Due to the cancer, he was not able to take proper food and was eating only fruits and medicines. Soon he realised that the cause of his illness was the excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for farming. After he was completely cured, he decided not to use such harmful chemicals and pesticides for agriculture.

Dhirubhai bought two cows and was attempting to use cow dung as natural fertiliser but was not able to get the desired result. He learnt about farming sessions organised by GHCL Foundation Trust and attended a training session in his village. He gained various inputs on organic farming and the use of pesticides and good quality seeds for farming. He went for exposure visits organised by the Foundation Trust to understand the latest techniques of organic farming.

Since the past four years, Dhirubhai is practising zero budget organic farming and making fertilisers and pesticides like Jivamrut, Bijamrut, Dashparni Arc, Nimastra, Brahmastra, Panchgavya etc. at his farm by using neem oil, buttermilk, cow dung and urine and various leaves and vegetation available nearby.

He noticed that this practice also improved the soil quality of his land. Dhirubhai says “Practicing organic farming gives me a sense of satisfaction. I was once a victim of cancer but today I want everyone around me to be safe and I don’t want to take the burden of being the cause of the disease for others.”

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