Agony of A Mother

Agony of a Mother

Agony of a Mother

GhughabhaiVegad hails from a small village near GHCL’s Salt Division at Port Victor in Gujarat. Ghughabhai wanted to construct a toilet in his house. He was concerned for his old mother who had to go out everyday to answer the call of nature. She was old and frail and had a weak eyesight too. But, Ghughabhai and his wife worked as a labourers. They lived in a kuccha house with their children and Ghughabhai’s old mother. The money they earned was meagre and not enough to construct a toilet in their house.

Very often Ghughabhai or his wife had to skip work and stay back at home so that they could take their mother out for her toilet needs.

So Ghughabhai reached out to GHCL Foundation and very soon, with their financial help he was able to construct a toilet in his house.

Today, he is proud and his family members are very happy. Ghughabhai has been able to fulfil his dream to make life comfortable for his family. For him, it is reason enough for a great celebration.

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