A story of Pragyaben & Jay Bhole Mahila Vikas Mandal (SHG)

A story of Pragyaben & Jay Bhole Mahila Vikas Mandal (SHG)

Pragyaben lives in Nakhda village near GHCL’s limestone mining area of the Soda Ash division, Sutrapada. She was married at 15 to a man who was unemployed and a drunkard. It became difficult for her to survive due to the domestic violence. So, she came back to her parents’ house when she realised that she was pregnant.

She did not want to be a burden on her family, so she started living separately in the village with her baby boy. She began doing domestic chores to earn a living.

Almost Five years back she joined the women SHG promoted by GHCL Foundation and initiated small savings. She would always attend all the meetings, trainings and exposure visits by GHCL Foundation. She enhanced her stitching skills by completing the tailoring course too.

She took a loan of Rs. 25,000/- from Jay Bhole Mahila Vikas Mandal (SHG) and started a cattle feed centre. In the last six months she has been able to repay the monthly instalment of Rs. 1500/- and earns approx. Rs. 9000/- pm.

Pragyaben and all the SHG members recognise the efforts made by GHCL Foundation towards upliftment of women through increased awareness and empowerment.

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