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At GHCL, we understand that each employee is unique and needs continuous support and grooming. Our ‘Bottom Top’ approach ensures that employees get abundance of opportunities to learn, contribute and thrive.


We strongly believe in building leaders for the present and future; this belief helps us to develop our recruitment and training models. Employees are hired and groomed through Succession Planning which helps us to build a pool of talented professionals who not only perform in their current job roles but eventually emerge as the next line of management.

The bottom-up approach enables our people to have in-depth insights about the organisation and move up to their higher job roles with complete confidence and required skill sets.

We believe that such people will be the answer to any leadership challenge across the organisation.

At GHCL, we recruit candidates from various disciplines and take them into the system in functions like sales and marketing, finance, HR, operations etc. There is a dedicated process of selecting, training and grooming to meet our present and future needs.

Fun and challenges are inherent parts of GHCL’s environment. The celebration committee at GHCL ensures that fun filled activities and celebrations are held quite regularly. Outstation trips, birthday celebrations, eat-outs, festival celebrations, to name a few are some major stress busters for employees which accelerate the performance wheel.

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