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As a responsible corporate citizen, we are doing our bit to protect the environment and contribute to environmental wellness. After all, environmental degradation and climate changes are not just threats to the Earth; they are also threats to human survival.

At GHCL, we take environmental health quite seriously. To begin with, we practice environmental friendly habits: we encourage plantation and water conservation methods within and outside our premises.

We also leverage Wind Power for our energy needs. This way we have significantly cut down on our consumption of fossil fuels, which is a primary reason for pollution and environmental degradation.

At GHCL, clean environment for sustainable development is of prime concern and an important business objective, achieved by every employee’s contribution and responsibility towards environmental performance. A layered system of environmental monitoring and audit is followed in compliance with all environmental protection laws of the land through all project stages – from planning to commissioning and production.

The HSE group monitors environmental parameters and audits specific maintenance systems to ensure regulatory compliance.

GHCL places great emphasis in developing greenery and landscaping as an in-built environmental protection measure. Treated sewage are used for enhancing greenery. Bulker movement is adopted for greening of supply chain. Reclamation & re-vegetation of mined out pit is carried out as part of responsible mining practices. Pollution control equipments like ESP , dust collector, road sprinklers, road sweeping machine & dry fog system are in operation to improve the ambient air quality.

We continuously draw on our enterprise strategy ‘ABHILASHA’ for inspiration to be among the best environmental friendly companies in India. And sensing from the sheer support and enthusiasm that we get from our people, we are sure that we’d soon join the league of the best environmental friendly Indian companies.

Some of our environmental friendly initiatives include:

2.1 MW capacity of power source from wind energy set-up in Vapi for our Home Textiles unit

25.2 MW capacity of power source from wind energy set-up in Tamil Nadu for captive use at our Spinning unit

Own cogeneration plant at Sutrapada which has a capacity of producing 38.7 MW of power

Condensing turbine of capacity 12.5 MW to meet additional energy requirements while maintaining perfect steam and power balance at Sutrapada

One of first company in India to introduce energy efficient Akzo technology for manufacture of soda ash involving dry liming technology

Latest membrane based Nano technology to meet requirement of water for salt dissolution with reduced purification costs

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