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Feedback after the Interview


Wondring why you did not get that elusive offer letter from the company that called you for..

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Are we really facing a talent shortage?


The word ‘talent’ as often heard and invariably mentioned in speeches, and has many ‘contextual’ references and meanings.

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Chemical Weekly


The chlor-alkali market in india has witnessed  a steday and healthy growth in recent year, largely driven by increasing demand from end user…

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Mindless experience to mindful actions


Mindful state enables you to get the guidance  from old rules, routines and goals but never allows them to govern you. It …

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Outsider CEO in as cos think out-of-box


To infuse a fresh lease of air and bring about a change in the organization, an experienced outsider is must…

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11 skills successful organisations must have


A high-performing team comprises of distinctly defined roles and well-rounded collection of personality archetypes…

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Look At Employees As Humans And Invest In Their Needs
Look At Employees As Humans And Invest In Their Needs
Dated 26 Oct 2017

Headline: Look At Employees As Humans And Invest In Their Needs: VP-HR, GHCLLink…More

Open Organisation: Myth or reality
Open Organisation: Myth or reality
Dated 09 Aug 2017

It is published in the Tribune, 9-Aug-2017…More