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Policies & Code of Conduct

The GHCL Policies & Code of Conduct presents principles that govern and guide GHCL as a business group and its employees. It documents the ideal conduct that is expected from GHCL and its people in all business related matters. The Code clearly directs everyone involved with GHCL to act with complete honesty, integrity, and professionalism. If we could ensure our adherence to the directives of the Code, we will be able to ensure that the legacy as well as future of GHCL rests in good hands.

Dividend Policy Download
Policy for determining Material Subsidiary Download
Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors Download
Preservation of Documents & Archival Policy Download
Policy on Succession Plan Download
Policy for Determination of Materiality Download
Whistle Blower Policy Download
Risk Management Policy Download
Related Party Transactions Policy Download
Nomination & Remuneration Policy Download

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