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We offer life changing careers

We never cease to value the talent that we source from best of the institutions. We provide them with structured, on-the-job training so that they know the ins and outs of GHCL and can work to the best of their abilities.

At GHCL, we identify the best of the best Engineer Trainees/Management Trainees (ETs/MTs) through a well-laid out system and provide the selected ones a work environment wherein they can learn, contribute and thrive.

Our policy lays down following broad principles to spot and identify trainees for:

  • Dedication to learn and develop their own technical & soft competencies
  • Carry higher responsibilities than expected during the training period
  • Exceptional level of performance
  • Commitment to company’s core values

Our ETs/MTs are assessed on their passion for learning and performing, as well as leadership and behavioral attributes. The trainees are then subjected to a systematic development through an exhaustive assessment every three months, on the basis of certain criteria identified by the company. Their overall performance based on such assessments is measured and then they are aptly modulated to fit into the culture of the organization.

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